Group Session Timetable and Prices

Trial Weeks Running from Monday, 14 October, 2019 to 1 November.

Contact Us For A $15 Trail Session For Block 4, 2019!

Group Session Timetable  (from 14.10.2019)

Bookings Required 


6.00am     MoveMuma Fit

9.15am    MoveMuma Fit

10.30am   MoveMuma Restore Program


9.15am    MoveMuma Fit

6.30pm MoveMuma Fit (New Session)


6.00am     MoveMuma Fit


9.15am   MoveMuma Fit

10.30am MoveMuma Restore Program


7.15am     MoveMuma Fit (New Session)

Current Clients: Click here to book a group session OR

New Clients: Contact MumaBubs to discuss the best options for you

MoveMuma Fit Group Sessions

Group Sessions are paid for in blocks. We run 4 blocks per year for our sessions, with an average of 10 sessions per block.

However,  we understand that like any new relationship, we need to get to know each other! So we hold trial weeks at the start of each block, and invite you to attend a session for $15.00.

To register your interest please CLICK HERE, fill out the form and we will be in touch very soon!

Please note that should you join following a $15 trial session, the cost for the remainder of the block will be a pro-rata amount dependent on the number of sessions remaining in the block.


$21.50 for 1 session per week ($44 per fortnight DD)

$40.00 for 2 sessions per week ($81.50 per fortnight DD)

$55.00 for UNLIMITED sessions per week ($112 per fortnight DD)

To view our Group Training Terms & Conditions click here

MoveMuma Restore 4-Week Program 

Our MoveMuma Restore Program is run over 4 weeks and is paid for UPFRONT for the 4 weeks.

The cost of the program is $88.00.

To register your interest for our next MoveMuma Fit sessions OR our Move Muma Restore program click here

In-Person Personal Training MembershipsClick here or for more information contact us.

Click here to get in touch and register for a $15 trial session

OR for Jody to contact you to discuss the best way for you to move forward and reclaim your body and fitness!

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