Timetable and Prices

We are moving in 2018!

Sessions will be held at Carine Open Space (Okely Road) OR Carine Club Rooms @ Carine Open Space Reserve (off Beach Road)

Group Session Timetable  (from 13.01.2018)

Bookings Required 


9.15am     MoveMuma Carine Open Space


8.30am     MoveMuma Carine Open Space

10.30am   4-Week NewMuma Program (commences 06.03.2018)


6.15pm*      MumaBumps (commence 31.01.2018)


9.15am      MoveMuma Carine Open Space


8:00am       MumaTime

9:00am        MumaBumps      

*Every mum needs a little time to herself, so evenings & Saturdays are for Mumas only!

Current Clients: Click here to book a group session OR

New Clients: Contact MumaBubs to discuss the best options for you

4-Week NewMuma Program

Next Program Commencing Tuesday, 6 March 2018 @ Carine Club Rooms!

Little people are welcome at all NewMuma sessions!

This semi-private group program is recommended for all new mums with young babies (less than 6 months old) prior to moving onto MoveMuma or MumaTime group sessions. 

1 session per week: $100.00 for the 4-week program

1 NewMuma & 1 MoveMuma per week: $186.00 for the 4-week program

Click here to complete the registration form and we will be in touch really soon!

Or Contact MumaBubs today to find out more and secure your place.

Secure your place before February 19, 2017 and receive 10% discount on your program!

Group Session Prices

Group Sessions are paid for in blocks, either upfront or on a fortnightly direct debit arrangement. We run 4 blocks per year for our sessions, with an average of 10 sessions per block.

However,  we understand that like any new relationship, we need to get to know each other! So we hold trial weeks at the start of each block, and invite you to attend a session for $20.00.

From Monday 22 January 2018 to Friday 9 February 2018 WE can do exactly that! 

Registrations of interest for our 2018 Block ONE MoveMuma Trail Sessions are NOW OPEN!

To register your interest please CLICK HERE, fill out the form and we will be in touch very soon!


Personal Training Memberships – See below or for more information contact us.

To view our Group Training Terms & Conditions click here

Click here to get in touch and register for a $20 trial session (MoveMuma, MumaBumps & MumaTime sessions only) OR for Jody to contact you to discuss the best way for you to move forward and reclaim your body and fitness!

Prices will be increasing on 1 February 2018, so get in touch today to arrange your trial and lock in 2017 prices! 

Body Empowerment In-Person Coaching (Personal Training Memberships)

If you would like to work with me one-on-one and would still like the benefit of bringing your little one to your exercise session, then contact me today!

Memberships include the following (per 4 weeks):

  • Personalised Body IQ Assessment (value $100)
  • x1 Personal/Private Training Session Per Week (45 minutes) (value $400)
  • x1 Group Training Session Per Week (value $90.00)
  • x1 30-minute review (value $100)
  • Personalised Programming (value $100)
  • Private FaceBook Group (value $200)
  • Weekly Check-Ins (value $100)
  • Tailored Lifestyle Strategies & Support (value $200)

Total Value = >$1290.00 per 4 weeks

Investment = $400.00 per 4 weeks (12 week minimum)

For more information, please contact MumaBubs.

To view our Personal Training Terms & Conditions click here

Body Empowerment Online Coaching Program 

Do you want to FINALLY feel energised, strong and confident in your after-baby body but getting to classes or the gym is not a great option in your busy mum life!

I have developed this great 12 week personalised online coaching program to support women through exercise and movement on their journey as a mum.

Over the 12 weeks we will not only address your fitness, but also other areas such as your core awareness and strength, pelvic floor issues and abdominal separation, and all aspects of your lifestyle that impact the way you feel and your ability to become the healthiest, happiest version of YOU!

Online coaching provides you with the following benefits:

  • You are able to workout at a time that suits you in a place that suits you, so fitting in workouts around your little people or your work is no longer a problem
  • You get the support, training programs and expertise of pregnancy and post-natal exercise specialist all week long, not just one or two hours per week that would happen in a face-to-face environment
  • You will be held accountable and provided with support to ensure that we are working together to obtain results and achieve your goals
  • It’s a one stop shop to get results that is built around your lifestyle, the time you have available and your unique body and mind.

 What Do You Get With YOUR Body Empowerment Coaching Program?

1. A Personalised Body IQ Assessment of your current lifestyle, fitness goals and health and exercise history (value $200)

2. An Initial screening and Movement Assessment, to understand your individual body and it’s strengths and weaknesses (value $100)


3. 12-week customised exercise program designed specifically for you (value $300)

4. Weekly Check-Ins (value $100)

5. Skype/Facetime Support (value $300)

  • Fortnightly personal check-ins with me
  • Personalised, prompt and detailed support

6. Private FaceBook Group  (value $200)

7. Unlimited Text Support via the “Trainerize” APP (value – priceless!)

8. Tailored Lifestyle Strategies & Support (value $200)

Total Value = >$1400 for 12 weeks (>$470 per 4 weeks)

Investment Required By You = $800 for 12 weeks (or $140 per fortnight)

Click here for more information.


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