What Other Beautiful Mums Have Said …

I had no reservations when I started working with Jody as she was friendly and easy to chat to. I didn’t feel Jody would hassle me and would work within what I needed and what I wanted.
When I started with Jody my main goals were to complete 4 ‘fun runs’ and exercise or move daily. And, I am so proud to say I am moving daily, even if it isn’t always a structured exercise session, so I feel really happy with that goal being met and sustained. I have also completed 1 fun run and have booked to complete the other 3 by June, which is when I will be excited to set myself some new goals!
Diane (Mum of Two Young Ladies)
19 March 2018


When I started with Jody I had reservations about me and my motivation to stick to the program, but I wanted to keep injury free while running.
I love how Jody keeps me accountable and since starting with Jody I am stronger, I am more consistent with taking time for me and my health and fitness, and I am listening to my body more, which is a huge achievement for me.
           Kirsten Thrush (Mum of Two Young People)
           19 March 2018


I was lucky enough to start with Jody over a year ago now, she has taken me right through pregnancy with my second little man and now here on the other side. a
I really love the energy I get from the sessions and also the headspace.
Lou (Mum of 2 Little Men)
15 November, 2017


I joined MumaBubs back in October because I wanted to get my fitness back and build my strength up to be able to start running again.
Jody has been excellent the last two months helping me regain my fitness and reminding me of what my body went through and not to push too hard even though I want to!
Temisha Prindiville (Mum of One Little Man)
23 November, 2017


Jody’s NewMuma program is such a great way to ease back into exercise following the birth of your baby.
She is a wealth of information when it comes to the body and is so lovely! It is great being able to bring your baby along, get out of the house and do something for yourself.
I highly recommend!
Gemma Bartlett (Mum of a Little Lady & Little Man)
27 June, 2017


 When I started with training with Jody, by joining the 8-week NewMuma Program, I was apprehensive, as I didn’t feel the intensity of the training would be enough for me. At that time my main goals were to regain my post-baby body and to gain fitness to keep up with my family, particularly my 2 little boys.
Jody showed me that what I thought was strength actually wasn’t and she helped to re-educate me by showing me other ways of training, that being for functional movement as opposed to ‘punishing’ my body with exercise.  
Since training with Jody I have improved my functional fitness,  I have a better awareness of the importance of having a strong core and not just ‘abs’, and I have improved my strength and muscle tone.
Jody has truly been such a huge support in my journey to accepting and taking better care of the body I have.
Meg (Mum of Two Little Men)
16 May, 2017


I am really happy with how far I have come this past year. All thanks to Jody. I have never felt as strong or as good about myself than I do now. I was so weak in every way before, but I am feeling so good now. 
Time and my daughter are my biggest hurdles. I struggle to fit in the extra stuff at home and put housework and my daughter before myself. My daughter doesn’t sleep well and can often be very clingy. When she hasn’t slept well, which is really most of the time, I am also tired. I know going to Jody twice a week forces me to make time for myself, and my daughter also enjoys coming along as well. She gets to let off energy and make friends with the other kids. I always get a lot out of the workouts and come away feeling like I’ve really done something for myself. I come away feeling a lot better about myself.
I haven’t felt this good with anyone else. I’ve had a lot of back, hip and neck pain in the past and have spent a lot of money trying to treat it. Since seeing Jody not only do I feel so much stronger, feel better about myself and lost weight, but I don’t have the pain anymore and haven’t needed to see a physiotherapist or osteopath since. I feel Jody really is passionate about women’s health and knows a lot more than other professionals I have seen. I have learnt so much from her and I know she knows me well and is looking after me.
Annemarie Fazaria
(Mum of One Little Lady &, in December 2017, welcomed to the world a Little Man)
10 April, 2017


Seriously, starting with MumaBubs is the BEST thing I’ve done since having a baby. Jody is incredible, so knowledgeable and compassionate. I love that the classes are small so it’s very tailored to individual needs, and also that all the babies / kids have so much fun too. When I started I had zero core strength and now I feel awesome – I actually feel better now than I ever have in my life! I recommend MumaBubs to all my friends having babies.
Jemma Newman (Mum of One Little Lady & One On The Way)
24 October, 2016
Jody is amazing. Incredibly professional with a wealth of knowledge she has developed an amazing program with detailed attention to my specific needs. I only wish I had found her earlier!
Marie Knights (Mum of One Little Man)
25 July, 2016
Jody is a great trainer – very professional, informative and accommodating with personal attention during and after classes! Classes are fun and friendly. Kids are entertained with lots of toys and room to move. Feeling so much stronger already! Highly recommend
Susan Dixon (Mum of Two Little Men)
30 September, 2015
17 weeks post baby, 3 weeks in training with Jody, add in some good food and I’m back in my pre pregnancy jeans! Feeling amazing! Definitely not stopping these classes ever!
Carrie Walsh (Mum of One Little Lady)
5 September, 2015