Semi-Private Sessions

Image By Glen Downton

Do you need to strengthen & tone but hate the thought of going to the gym?

Do you need to lose weight but are nervous about going to a group fitness class?

Do you struggle to find someone to look after your toddler or pre-sechooler so need a session where little people are welcome?

Are your kids back at school so you now have time for you, but need someone who understands the mum body and all the issues & challenges it faces ?

Are you ready to take it up a level now that you have your base fitness back?

Then our SEMI-PRIVATE SESSIONS are just what you need!

Previously we offered our MoveMuma group sessions, however, given many of our mums benefit from more personal attention, we have made the decision to give our clients the attention the need and deserve through smaller groups.

These 45 minutes sessions are all about building strength, increasing fitness and burning fat all using either body weight or resistance bands in an encouraging supportive environment.

What makes these sessions is that they are designed for mums by a mum. So no matter if you are still struggling with pelvic floor issues, abdominal separation or any other niggle or injury, we can adapt the workout to meet you where you are at right now!

Whether your a new mum looking to restore your core and rebuild your strength and confidence in your after baby body, or your now ready to take your training to the next level as a mum of little ones, or you can finally return to return to exercise and your needs now your kids are at school, our semi-private sessions provide you a personalised training experience but with the benefits of training with one to two other mums at the same stage as you!

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Give yourself some body love & safely and effectively reclaim your strength, fitness & confidence!   

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