Last Program for 2017 Commencing Tuesday,  31st October 2017!

Sessions will be held Tuesdays @ 1pm (2 places left!)

Places are limited to 3 mums and their bubs per session!

Contact MumaBubs today to secure your place!


The 8-week NewMuma Program has been specifically designed for mums, enabling a gradual and safe return to exercise by rebuilding from the inside out and re-training muscles to recruit correctly.

The focus of the program is on re-activating and regaining endurance and strength in the areas most affected by pregnancy and childbirth:

  • Teaching effective recruitment of the pelvic floor and abdominal bracing
  • Reconnecting with and re-building strength and endurance in the core muscles, including the pelvic floor
  • Activation and strengthening of the upper back muscles and gain mobility through the thoracic spine and shoulder girdle
  • Activation and strengthening of the gluteals (buttock)
  • Improving posture and alignment for optimum individual function
  • Focus on the integration of the breath to improve the health of your core and pelvic floor following pregnancy and childbirth

There is a small focus on improving cardiovascular fitness through low impact methods during the 8-week NewMuma Program. However, the majority of the focus of the NewMuma Program is on rebuilding from the inside out and developing a strong base from which to move forward and increase exercise intensity.

All 60 minute sessions are held at MumaBubs HQ. The indoor studio provides a clean, climate controlled environment, so that no matter the weather, mums can enjoy their workout without worrying about the comfort of their babies and young children.

Make your health & fitness a priority & safely and effectively reclaim your body!   Contact MumaBubs today 


“Jody’s NewMuma program is such a great way to ease back into exercise following the birth of your baby.
She is a wealth of information when it comes to the body and is so lovely!
It is great being able to bring your baby along, get out of the house and do something for yourself. I highly recommend!
– Gemma Bartlett  (July 27, 2017)

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