Pregnancy is an exciting time in a woman’s life.

And it becomes a time when many women take the opportunity to focus on their lifestyle, fitness and wellbeing, as they realise that they are now not only responsible for taking care of themselves, but  also for nurturing the precious cargo they are carrying.

Sensible and safe exercise during pregnancy provides many physical and psychological benefits including:

  • Helping you manage the physical and emotional changes that occur with pregnancy and child-birth
  • Helping you maintain, and possibly improve, your muscle strength and tone, particularly in the areas of your pelvic floor and core muscles and your postural muscles
  • Boosting your mood and self-esteem
  • Assisting in maintaining a healthy body weight and healthy body image
  • Minimise the aches and pains associated with pregnancy, such as backache, pelvic joint pain, constipation
  • Preparing you for labour, both physically and psychologically
  • Assisting you in recovering after labour and returning to your pre-pregnancy weight and body shape

MumaBumps pregnancy sessions, limited to a maximum of 5 participants per session, enable mums-to-be to exercise safely and sensibly during their pregnancy, maintaining their fitness and strength, while learning tools in preparation for labour and meeting other expectant mums.

The 60 minute sessions will consist of exercises focusing on:IMG_5898

  • Your pelvic floor fitness
  • Your deep abdominal and core strengthening
  • Breathing, particularly integrating the breath to keep the core and pelvic floor healthy
  • Your alignment, posture and back health
  • Your muscular strength in preparation for a new born, particularly your upper back and glutes
  • Sensible and safe exercise intensity
  • Preparation for labour

For Muma’s only – no little people at these sessions!

Please contact MumaBubs for more information or to secure your place.

These sessions are currently on hold, however, please do contact us if you are interested in sessions during your pregnancy.

If you are keen to discuss training with MumaBubs during your pregnancy, please contact MumaBubs to discuss your suitability to join our MumaBumps or MoveMuma sessions.

3 thoughts on “MumaBumps

  1. Hi !
    I am only 8 weeks pregnant .
    I was wondering if these classes are still suitable for me at an early stage or shld I wait til I’m over 12 weeks at least !
    Thank you


    • Hi Faye. It is not too early to start MumaBumps sessions. If you are feeling well and able to do low intensity sessions then definitely come join us. And, depending on where you are at with your health and fitness, the 8-week NewMuma Program may also be suitable. I will email you privately regarding your enquiry. Thanks Faye.


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