MoveMuma Restore

Photo by Glen Downton

Are you struggling to fit in exercise because you have little ones?

Do you feel weak around your belly & lower back?

Do you leak when you laugh or cough?

Do you feel tight & uncomfortable from all the demands that come with caring for a baby?

Well, this is a great way to get some exercise in with your little one(s) right there with you – so no babysitter needed!

Then MoveMuma Restore sessions are just what you need to give your after baby body some love & restore your confidence, strength & fitness.

MoveMuma Restore sessions are safe and effective workouts designed by a Mum, and a Post-Natal Exercise Specialist to get you to return to exercise safely and effectively BUT also support you in feeling fitter, more energised and stronger in your after baby body!

These group exercise sessions have been designed so that you will either be undertaking a cardio-based or strength-based exercise. We will always include some core connection, strengthening and endurance and a good stretch. 

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Each MoveMuma Restore session focuses on:

  • Teaching effective recruitment of the pelvic floor and abdominal bracing
  • Reconnecting with and re-building strength and endurance in the core muscles, including the pelvic floor
  • Focus on the integration of the breath to improve the health of your core and pelvic floor following pregnancy and childbirth
  • Activating the pelvic floor muscles & the deep abdominal muscles, to help reduce lower back and pelvic pain and improve strength in your core muscles
  • Strengthening important postural muscles to provide tone (who doesn’t want a more toned butt, thighs and arms!) but also enable you to function better and easier in your daily life
  • Improving your cardio endurance and fitness
  • Stretching out tight muscles to ensure you get a fabulous well-rounded workout and feel ready to take on the day ahead.

These sessions have been specifically designed for mums, enabling a gradual and safe return to exercise by rebuilding from the inside out and re-training muscles to recruit correctly.

Our sessions are designed to cater specifically to each women’s individual needs.

We ensure every mum is assessed for abdominal separation (the split in your tummy).

We talk all things pelvic floor & core.

We gradually build your strength from the inside out.

And, we slowly discover your fit and strong after baby body!

We hold 4 blocks of training per year, approximately 10 weeks per each block, which is  guided by the school terms.

Sessions are currently being held both IN-PERSON at Carine Open Space. In certain weather conditions we do take these sessions VIRTUAL LIVE on Zoom so you never miss a session.

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We also work closely with Women’s Health Physiotherapist’s to ensure we know what is happening on the inside. We work to look after your pelvic floor, assess for abdominal separation and re-train muscles that have most been affected by pregnancy, childbirth and caring for a young child.

We recommend our MoveMuma Restore sessions for those women who are in the first 4-12 months of their post-natal journey.

We also recommend our MoveMuma Restore sessions for any woman who has had children, no matter what their age, and have not fully retrained their strength and control in their abdominals and pelvic floor.

Monday & Thursday @ 10.00am – 60 minute Mums & Bubs sessions held either at Carine Open Space OR on ZOOM. Perfect for connecting with like-minded women and their own little people during an energising workout!

All sessions offer different levels for all exercises, so no matter what your current fitness level, participants can work at their own level and at their own pace.

We can make exercises either harder or easier, so matter where you are on your ‘mum’ journey, we will work with you to safely and effectively return to exercise and enjoy a fulfilling workout!

No matter whether the session is AT THE PARK or VIRTUAL you will still get personalised attention while enjoying the benefits of being with like-minded women who are all mums and know what being a mum is all about!

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Every woman’s body is different, and every woman’s journey has been different…. if you’re ready to get started, then register today! We’d love to have you join us!