Are you struggling to fit in exercise because you have little ones?

Well, this is a great way to get some exercise in with your little one(s) right there with you – so no baby sitter needed!

MoveMuma sessions are higher intensity workouts designed to get you to work up a sweat and feel fit, energised and strong!

We hold 4 blocks of training per year, approximately 10 weeks per each block and guided by the school terms.

These are circuit-style workouts, with multiple exercise stations where you will either be undertaking a cardio-based or strength-based exercise. We will always include some core strengthening and endurance and a good stretch.

Held at Carine Open Space (Okely Road) or Carine Club Rooms (during Block 2 & Block 3), with each 60 minute session we will focus on:

  • Activating the pelvic floor muscles & retraining the deep abdominal muscles, to help reduce that “mummy tummy” and lower back and pelvic pain
  • Strengthening important postural muscles to provide tone (who doesn’t want a more toned butt, thighs and arms!) but also enable you to function better and easier in your daily life
  • Stretching out tight muscles to ensure you get a fabulous well-rounded workout and feel ready to take on the day ahead.

All sessions offer different levels for all exercises, so no matter what your current fitness level, participants can work at their own level and at their own pace.

And you will get personalised attention while enjoying the benefits of being with like-minded women who are all mums and know what being a mum is all about!

mother training with baby on a summer day

You can attend MoveMuma sessions if:

  1. You have attended the NewMuma program; and/or
  2. Your children are older than 4 months, and
  3. You can demonstrate you can activate your pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles prior to movement, you have no pelvic floor dysfunction and no pelvic instability.

If your children are older than 4 months, and you feel that you do not have any pelvic floor or other issues that would prevent you from attending MoveMuma sessions, please contact MumaBubs to discuss.

Every woman’s body is different, and every woman’s journey has been different…. if you’re ready to get started, contact MumaBubs today! We’d love to have you join us!