Our Programs

At MumaBubs we believe that the post-natal period does not end once your baby is no longer a new born. However, returning to exercise safely is crucial for your long-term health and well-being.

Many mums make the mistake of doing too much, too soon, feeling the pressure of getting ‘back into shape’ before they have recovered from the journey they have just been on – pregnancy, child-birth and the addition of a new little person to their lives who requires 24/7 attention.

Pregnancy and childbirth, no matter how easy, how few complications or how old your child now is, have the following primary effects on a woman’s body:

  • Weakens the pelvic floorfrom the weight of the baby and, if you gave birth vaginally, the pelvic floor is stretched, which further weakens the pelvic floor.
  • Abdominal Separationthis is different for each woman, and therefore it is crucial that prior to recommencing exercise we assess how wide the gap is, and then utilise appropriate exercises to rejoin the abdominals.
  • Reduced transversus abdominus functionthe transversus abdominus is the ‘belt’ that keeps all the abdominal muscles in place, provides core stability and supports the lower back.

Then add to these the fatigue from sleepless nights, frequent feeding, hormonal changes and the physiological changes your body is going through as it recovers and deals with the daily challenges of being a mum.

MumaBubs’ in-person group post-natal fitness programs, MoveMuma Restore and MoveMuma Fit, enable mums to bond with their children, while safely and effectively regaining their fitness in a supportive, friendly and fun environment.

At MumaBubs we also believe that every woman is different, and every woman’s ‘mum’ journey is different. Therefore, in order for her to thrive, and become the happiest healthiest version of herself, sometimes a little personalised attention is what she needs.

This is why we also offer our Body Empowerment with Jody Coaching Programs to clients who wish to do their training in-person. These sessions are really where the magic happens, as every aspect of the program is tailored specifically to the individual needs, requirements and wants of the individual client.

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