Online Fitness Coaching Programs

My name is Jody Secker, I am the mum to 2 little people and I have a passion for women’s fitness, health and wellness. 

And I am super passionate about supporting mums with bumps, bubs and beyond!

I am a pregnancy and post-natal exercise specialist in Perth, Western Australia.

I am tertiary qualified in exercise science and I am a level 3 Registered Exercise Professional with Fitness Australia.

I currently train new mums, mums with young children and expectant mums in person AND now I am adding online coaching so I can give the gift of fitness and health to any mum, no matter where in the world they live.

Returning to exercise after having a baby can be an anxious time for some women, and for others it can actually be down right dangerous without the support of a coach who specialises in the area of post-natal exercise and fitness, and training the female body.

And, the added factor of having a little person (or people) to find care for while exercising in a world where so many women don’t have the support of family nearby and partners who work long hours or travel, makes it very challenging for many women to find the time to ensure that they look after their health and fitness.

No matter what your goal or your reason is for being the best, most confident and energised version of you, I can help you!

Let’s work together to get you where you want AND deserve to be – healthy, fit & strong!

I offer to online coaching options:

Body Empowerment Online Personalised Coaching Program

Gives you ALL the benefits of having a personal trainer, but with more accessibility to ongoing guidance, support, explanation and accountability AND you can do it in your own time, in the comfort of your own home!

And you get the support, training programs and expertise of a fitness specialist for mums all week long, not just one or two hours per week that would happen in a face-to-face environment

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MumaFit Online Group Fitness Program

We have developed this program specifically for MUMS who are unable to get to our sessions or who just prefer to exercise at home or in their own time, but who are determined to put their health, fitness and well-being as top priority! 

These MUMS also are seeking the support of a group of like-minded women, are wanting to be held accountable every week and are needing assistance to stick to their program!

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