MumaTime sessions were initially developed to build and advance on the core and postural strength foundations established during the MoveMuma Restore Program.

However, they have gradually evolved  from desire for a session that my clients could enjoy which strengthened, stretched and mobilised the core and postural muscles being used every day, and complement the higher intensity MoveMuma sessions.

MumaTime sessions are Pilates-inspired to provide  continual improvements in functional movement patterns and deep abdominal and postural strength.

When held in person these sessions are baby and child free, as at MumaBubs we believe every mum deserves  and needs a little “muma time”!

MumaTime sessions also focus on correct recruitment of the pelvic floor and transversus abdominus muscle, especially during exercise. The sessions incorporate the most effective breathing techniques to support these muscles and provide an opportunity for centring and relaxation, which is something every mum requires.

However, currently we are offering this session VIRTUALLY and LIVE on Saturdays at 8am so that every mum can still get a little MumaTime!


The combination of a MumaTime session and a MoveMuma Fit session provides a wonderfully balanced weekly exercise program for those women who are keen to increase the cardio intensity by joining the MoveMuma sessions, but still require, or still desire and enjoy, a weekly session that focuses on strengthening the deep abdominal and postural muscles and rebuilding from the inside out.

Contact MumaBubs today to find out more about the MumaTime sessions, and the other programs offered by MumaBubs to help you reclaim your body and your fitness!

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