MumaFit Online Program

Welcome to our new online group fitness program, MumaFit!

We have developed this program specifically for MUMS who are unable to get to our sessions or who just prefer to exercise at home or in their own time, but who are determined to put their health, fitness and well-being as top priority! 

These MUMS also are seeking the support of a group of like-minded women, are wanting to be held accountable every week and are needing assistance to stick to their program!

Does this sound like YOU?

Our next 10-Week MumaFit Program Starts Monday, 22 JULY 2019

Our online program is a 10-week program designed for MUMS, with the aim of this program is too simply give you a way to fit in some ‘YOU’ time, put your fitness & health as top priority despite having busy schedules with family, work and other commitments!

The workouts are quick & simple, the cardio challenges can be done alone or with the family. And, of course, little tips and tricks to keep you focused on feeling good!

So, what does the 10-week online program include:

*Weekly To-Do-At-Home 30 minute Workouts: Sent via email every Monday morning, including a conditioning session, strength challenge & a cardio goal. These will also be posted in our Closed FaceBook Group for easy reference, and once each week I will do the workout with YOU!

*Weeks 1 & 10: Simple fitness testing guidelines so that you have a baseline at the start of the 10 weeks, and you can see how far you’ve come at the end of the 10 weeks

*Exercise Guidelines around such areas as Abdominal Separation, Pelvic Floor, Knee, Wrist & Pelvic Pain and Pregnancy

*Weekly Lifestyle Tips around such areas as nutrition, mindset, sleep & movement

*Online Support Through A Private FaceBook Group, where we can communicate, interact, motivate and inspire each other!

*Check-In at the end of each week to help keep you accountable and on track

Why I Can Help You 

So many mums so desperately want to feel more energised, lose a few kilos, fit into their pre-baby clothes, or just want to look in the mirror and feel good about themselves in their after baby bodies!

However, it takes many of us to get to breaking point to reach out and ask for help. For some, it’s looking in the mirror and thinking ‘I need to do something about this’! For some, it’s back pain or pelvis pain which is ongoing and stops them from doing many functional activities, even playing with their children. For some, it’s struggling to have any energy, and thinking, ‘I’m sick and tired of feeling sick and tired’!How do I know this…. because I’ve been there myself!

I have 2 young children, who are no longer babies, but the journey at times was quite challenging. And, I have the same obstacles as you: I’m time poor, I have very little family support, I put everyone else first, and, despite being a fitness professions, I also struggle with where to fit exercise in! 

So, I have developed this online program to support all mums in gaining that after baby body love and feeling strong, energised and empowered!

I want to give you the tools, knowledge and confidence in your self to thrive as the woman you are AND the mother you have become!

If you are ready for results, ready to feel strong, energised AND empowered, LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER!


Jody x


The investment for the 10 weeks is $250. Just $25 per week! (about 4 coffees!!)

Program starts Monday, 22 JULY 2019.

So, what are you waiting for – REGISTER now by clicking on the link below and ensure you are energised and feeling great over the winter months!

AND register BEFORE Friday 12 JULY and receive 10% OFF!