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Designed For YOUR After Baby Body!

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Hey there Beautiful Muma!

Do you want to FINALLY feel energised, strong and confident in your after baby body?

Well, congratulations on taking the first step to become a stronger, more confident, more energised and healthier version of you!

Being a mum is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. But, it sure is a tough gig! I know that first hand having had 2 little ones of my own. And, yep, as soon as your first child is born, somehow your health, fitness and well-being go to the bottom of the priority list!

But, it’s time to change that – you deserve to be healthy, fit and strong, inside and out, and you deserve to be confident in, and proud of, your after baby body.

So, what’s bothering you lovely lady?

  • Every time you cough, sneeze or jump on the trampoline you leak? (nope, that’s not normal and can be fixed!)
  • Lower back aches all the time?
  • Desperate to get back into pre-baby clothes but just can’t stopping eating that chocolate?
  • Feel soft & squidgy around the middle, and the little one is no longer a new born?
  • Time is not a friend, so there is no-where to put in movement or exercise time?
  • The little one has absolutely no routine, so committing to a regular weekly exercise class just seems unworkable?
  • So freakin’ tired that the thought of ever getting back into an exercise routine seems impossible?
  • Who will look after my little one while I workout or spend some time looking after me?
  • Back at work, so “mummy guilt” is already alive and well – so how can I commit any more time to me?

No matter what your goal or your reason is for being the best, most confident and energised version of you, I can help you!

Let’s work together to get you where you want AND deserve to be – healthy, fit & strong!

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 What Do You Get With Body Empowerment Fitness Coaching?

1. A Personalised Body IQ Assessment of your current lifestyle, fitness goals and health and exercise history (value $100)

2. An Initial screening and Movement Assessment, to understand your individual body and it’s strengths and weaknesses (value $100)

Schedule Your Complimentary Discovery Coaching session (1)

3. 12-week customised exercise program designed specifically for you (value $200)

4. Weekly Check-Ins (value $100)

5. Face-to-Face Support (value $300)

  • Fortnightly personal check-ins with me via Zoom
  • Personalised, prompt and detailed support

6. Private MumaTribe FaceBook Group  (value $200)

7. Unlimited Text Support via the “Trainerize” APP (value – priceless!)

8. Tailored Lifestyle Strategies & Support (value $200)

Total Value = more than $1400 for 12 weeks 

Investment Required By You = $800 for 12 weeks (or $140 per fortnight)

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What Are The Benefits To Online Training?

1. All the benefits of having a personal trainer, but with more accessibility to ongoing guidance, support, explanation and accountability AND you don’t have to go to the gym!

2. You get the support, training programs and expertise of a fitness specialist for mums all week long, not just one or two hours per week that would happen in a face-to-face environment

3. Workout out when it suits you and your family, no matter what happens in your week, what the weather is doing or where your children are.

4. It’s a one stop shop to get results that is built around your lifestyle, the time you have available and your unique body and mind

5. Improve your fitness, health and wellbeing, while being a role to your children.

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How Do I Find Out More?

If you would like to find out more, firstly, click the link below to apply for a call with me where we’ll discuss how I can support you on your “mum journey” and the next step to getting you feeling strong, confident and energised in your amazing body!

And, how much?

For less than a 60-minute personal training session in a local gym per week!

$140.00 per fortnight OR $840.00 UPFRONT for the whole 12-Week Program

I’d love to know more – apply for a Complimentary Discovery Coaching Session

THEN complete the Application Form, so I can understand a bit more about you before we chat and whether my coaching and fitness training is right for you.

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When I started with Jody I had reservations about me and my motivation to stick to the program, but I wanted to keep injury free while running. I love how Jody keeps me accountable and since starting with Jody I am stronger, I am more consistent with taking time for me and my health and fitness, and I am listening to my body more, which is a huge achievement for me.
Kirsten Thrush, 19 March 2018