A 120 day journey to a more energised, leaner, stronger YOU, inside & out!

Imagine if…

…twice a week your very own health & fitness coach came to your house to ensure you were safely and effectively training to a stronger, leaner, more energised version of you!

….you wake up every morning knowing that you could walk out the door having a nourishing breakfast in hand no matter how crazy things have been with the kids!

…every week day you could just grab your lunch out of the fridge knowing that it was full of goodness and tasted delicious (and you didn’t have to make it!)

… every day you were filling the gaps in your nutrition to support your energy levels, your immune system and your mental wellbeing.

Imagine if you did this for 4 months how AMAZING you would feel

…. how confident you would feel in your body

… and how strong you would feel, inside and out!

But, here’s the thing, you don’t have to imagine.

Yep! This can be YOUR REALITY!


A 120 day journey to a more energised, leaner, stronger YOU, inside & out!

Being a mum is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. But, it sure is a tough gig! I know that first hand having had 2 little ones of my own. And, yep, as soon as your first child is born, somehow your health, fitness and well-being go to the bottom of the priority list!

But, it’s time to change that – you deserve to be healthy, fit and strong, inside and out, and you deserve to be confident in, and proud of, your after baby body.

So what’s bothering you lovely lady?

  • Every time you cough, sneeze or jump on the trampoline you leak? (nope, that’s not normal and can be fixed!)
  • Lower back aches all the time?
  • Desperate to get back into pre-baby clothes but just can’t stopping eating that chocolate?
  • Feel soft & squidgy around the middle, and the little one is no longer a new born?
  • Time is not a friend, so there is no-where to put in movement or exercise time?
  • The little one has absolutely no routine, so committing to a regular weekly exercise class just seems unworkable?
  • So freakin’ tired that the thought of ever getting back into an exercise routine seems impossible?
  • Who will look after my little one while I workout or spend some time looking after me?
  • Back at work, so “mummy guilt” is already alive and well – so how can I commit any more time to me?

So, how do you gain strength, energy and confidence while toning your amazing after baby body without the mum guilt?

You need to take a lifestyle approach to your health, fitness and wellbeing.

Fitness sessions and structured exercise are so important, however, they are just one piece of the puzzle, and, in all honesty, the last piece of the puzzle. 

To achieve a healthy, strong, confident and toned body, we need to also ensure we understand how the other areas of your lifestyle are impacting on your ability to achieve your health and fitness goals. 

And there may be more than one component, or this may change with changes in your life, but by making small simple changes, one at a time, you will feel the ability to maintain a lifestyle that supports you in feeling and looking your best!

You need to work from the inside out physically, in the way you move your body, nutritionally, in the way you support your body with food, and mentally, to support you in building confidence and self belief.

For any house to stand strong, it needs a strong foundation from which to be built. And, this is the same with your own temple, your body.

We need to add layers, both to your physical training, your nutrition and to the other lifestyle factors that influence your results.

We must ensure that your inner unit and postural muscles are working correctly, while working your global muscles to give you a strong foundation.

We need to ensure that the foods you are eating are nourishing your body and help with effective digestion, nervous health and immune function.

We need to ensure that you have tools and strategies that support you in believing in your power and becoming the confident, empowered woman that you are!

You need to be supported by a professional that understands what it means to be a mum.

I am a mum, as well as a fitness professional for mums, so I understand YOU! The challenges that you face, the physical issues that you may be experiencing, the demands on you and your time.

There is no go hard or go home approach! But you need to be committed to your own journey and then consistent in your daily actions, so the first thing we need to ensure is that you know your ‘WHY’.

There is no expectation to workout every day and cook complicated meals. But, a consistent approach to the simple steps we agree need to be taken so they become supportive habits and a part of your lifestyle.

And I understand that mum-life doesn’t always go smoothly, so the program puts in place simple steps that help you stay on track even when life gets crazy!

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Why Is This B.E Transformed For YOU?

1. It’s individualised to your goals and priorities, your lifestyle and meets you where you are at right now!

2. We don’t just focus on your fitness and exercise, but all the other factors in your life which may impacting on why you are not achieving your goals, feeling energised and feeling good about yourself.

3. It provides you with tools and belief that no matter what mum life deals you, you can still stay on track.

No matter what your goal or your reason is for being the best, most confident and energised version of you, I can help you.

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And let’s work together to get you where you want AND deserve to be – strong, energised and confident!

When I started with Jody I had reservations about me and my motivation to stick to the program, but I wanted to keep injury free while running. I love how Jody keeps me accountable and since starting with Jody I am stronger, I am more consistent with taking time for me and my health and fitness, and I am listening to my body more, which is a huge achievement for me.
Kirsten Thrush, 19 March 2018