My Passion For Collaboration Over Competition

When I started my business in 2015, my mission, which remains my mission today, was to build a supportive community of mums, who are energized, strong and healthy, inside and out, and have found a balance between being a mum and being the fittest, the healthiest and the most confident woman she can be.

Through my work I wanted to ensure that women were being supported during their entire journey of becoming and being a mum through quality and safe, yet effective, movement and exercise. That they were educated and empowered so that they could thrive physically, mentally and emotionally as the women they were and the mothers they had become.

However, although this mission started to be realized, as a sole trader working alone in just one area of Perth, I realized that I could only reach and support so many women. In all honesty, it was tough and lonely at times, as being in business by yourself can be.

When the opportunity to collaborate with Jen Dugard and her business, “Body Beyond Baby”, presented itself in 2017, it was just what I was searching for. The chance to become an affiliate partner with a growing group of like-minded fitness professionals opened the door to the combined skills, knowledge and experience of qualified and passionate coaches and trainers across Australia and New Zealand to reach so many more women than I ever could alone.

This partnership has provided me with a team, a place to belong, without having to sacrifice my own brand or all the work that I have poured into my own business. Additionally, it has provided me with the opportunity to contribute to a team that is committed to collectively raising the standard of the fitness industry when it comes to women’s health.

With respect to my clients, it has provided them with access to the knowledge and work of a range of mum-focused fitness professionals whom they know they can trust in relation to education, resources and information. They have become part of a larger community of women who are all committed to their health, fitness and wellbeing. Moreover, through the “Body Beyond Baby” affiliate programs, they get to connect with women across Australia and New Zealand.

I’m part of a group of like-minded fitness professionals
who are just as passionate as me about supporting mums

However, I am so passionate about collaboration over competition that this goal now spans across my entire business.

Our partnership with Women’s Health Physiotherapists in Perth

These professional relationships has meant that we can provide our clients with the professional care and support that is often so badly needed for women who are on their mum journey. Together we support our clients with the physical support they need, the education to empower them and programs that will assist them in rebuilding from the inside out and dealing with all of those ‘mum’ issues that really are not spoken about but are more common than many realise.

Inspiring Health Living Through Whole Food Nutrition

Moreover, although my first passion is movement and exercise, the fact that movement and nutrition go hand in hand cannot be ignored.

So, like my philosophy for a woman’s physical health, which is working from the inside out to ensure that the body functions optimally, this is the same with my nutritional philosophy. It is so important that we load our bodies with nourishing, energising and healthy foods to fuel our amazing, though often tired and depleted bodies, from the inside out.

It was a connection with another Western Australian mum-focused fitness professional that I now collaborate with some amazing health professionals, from Fertility Specialists to INN Health Coaches, Allied Health Professionals to Mental Health Advocates, as well as women and men from all backgrounds who just wish to inspire healthy living, to continue to focus on my mission.   

My mantra for 2019 has been ‘Strong Women Lift Each Other Up’, and it is through the focus of collaborating with individuals who are also passionate about making the lives of women around them the very best they can be through education, support and a whole lot of love that I can continue to realise my mission and really make a difference in the world.

‘Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change’

– Barbara Mikulski

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