Frankincense – The King of Oils


Renown as one of the most prized and precious essential oils,

Frankincense has extraordinary health benefits.

Known as the king of oils, nearly all ancient religions have used frankincense in their spiritual practices, and it is known to be extremely powerful. As many know, this gorgeous essential oil was given as a gift to Christ after his birth.

This centuries-old knowledge contributes to the modern uses of Frankincense today. It’s soothing and beautifying properties are used to rejuvenate skin and reduce the appearance of imperfections.

As the king of oils, Frankincense is known to support healthy cellular function.

When inhaled or diffused, Frankincense promotes feelings of peace, relaxation, satisfaction, and overall wellness.

These varied applications make it the perfect essential oil to include in your collection, whether you be trying to conceive, carrying precious cargo or already have little ones to care for and nurture:

Sunburn relief:  Blend frankincense with lavender and a carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil, and apply to the affected areas.

This blend is also very soothing and aids in healing, therefore many women have used this blend postpartum.

Ease aches and pains: Blend with ice blue and and a carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil, and ease away aches and pains. Or use with a cold compress after working out, or with a hot compress to soothe tired muscles or occasional cramps.

Promote relaxation and lift your mood: Apply Frankincense to the bottoms of your feet or diffuse to relax and calm mood swings. This oil is used during pregnancy and labour to help calm expectant mums, especially blended with other essential oils such as roman chamomile and bergamot.

Use Frankincense to relieve anxiety and create a positive mood by combining it with such essential oils as peppermint and wild orange. Either place in your hands, rub hands together and inhale deeply, or diffuse for obtain the lift.

Great for skin:  Add 1 -2 drops to your daily moisturiser to reduce the appearance of blemishes and rejuvenate the skin.

Overworked Hands?:  Apply Frankincense to your hands and massage in after housework or gardening to soothe and rejuvenate.

Strong, beautiful nails: Apply a drop of frankincense to strengthen weak nails.

Frankincense is harvested in Somalia as part of doTERRRA’s® Co-Impact Sourcing Initiative. The frankincense harvesters are provided with greater opportunities for income, while providing doTERRA® with access to skilled harvesters who help accomplish the intricate steps of frankincense resin harvesting.



Emotionally, Frankincense is the oil of truth and enlightenment. It is said that this beautiful oil helps you understand your purpose and uncovers your divine truth.


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Disclaimer: All information provided are recommendations & advice only. All individuals should discuss the suitability of their health and exercise requirements with their doctor, exercise professional, physiotherapist, midwife or health professional.
For further advice about your individual health, wellness and fitness needs, speak to a health professional, women’s health physiotherapist and/or pregnancy and post-natal exercise professional.


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